After fleeing London before the snow hit; It couldn’t be any hotter here in Asia. Our first day spent in Kuala Lumpur, we went to the Batu Caves. The sight of the caves and the 140 foot Hindu statue were very breathtaking but not quite as breathtaking as the 300 steep steps we had to climb to get to the top. Since I never exercise, it’s fair to say it exhausted me for the day.

The Batu Caves

Taking a break…

We also went to see the Petronas Twin Towers, which together are the second tallest towers in the world.

Next, we headed to Cambodia, and stayed in lovely hostel with a rooftop bar with hammocks. Before I came here I didn’t know anything about the genocide that happened her in the 1970s. In Phnom Penh, we went to the Genocide Museum, which is actually one of the original prisons for the souls under Pol Pot’s dictator regime. The sights were harrowing, and could move you to tears. Out of the millions sent to this prison, only 7 survived, and now only one of those 7 are alive today. You cannot go the the prison without also seeing the killing fields, which is another heartbreaking experience.

With the remaining survivor

Next we headed to Siem Reap, a more developed town 7 hours away. The big thing to see here is Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples. The best way to appreciate it, is to get there before before 7am and watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat. All the temples were really beautiful, it felt like we were on the set of Indiana Jones.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Angkor Thom

Ta Phrom

Next stop: Vietnam!