After exploring Cambodia, our next stop was Ho Chi Minh City, the former Saigon, in Southern Vietnam. The amount of motorbikes on the street is quite overwhelming. On our first outing, we tried to follow people when crossing the road. One family saw us and asked if we were scared – yes being the obvious answer. To make us more scared, the lady in the family showed us her broken finger in a spleen, and told us we shouldn’t be wearing our handbags, as the day before a motorcyclist snatched her bag hence the injury. We had read about HCMC having the most determined thieves in all of Vietnam, but seeing it made us leave our bags in the hostel after this point!

That evening, we went to the Rex Hotel in the city centre. We headed to the rooftop bar which was a regular hangout for the American military during the Vietnam war. An amazing meal with a great view of the city.

The Rex Hotel

The view from the Rex Hotel Rooftop bar

The next day we went to the War Remnants Museum. A slightly limited museum but well worth a dollar.

Sunday, we arrived in Nha Trang (after a night bus that did NOT match the pictures in the brochure), a beautiful beach town on the south central coast. We’ve had fun enjoying the nightlife here, massages on the beach and pedicures for the equivalent of £7. This is our favourite place so far!

Nha Trang's Municipal Beach

Our favourite club in Nha Trang - picture from

We’ll be heading north for our last week in Vietnam.