Saturday morning, we arrived in Puerto Iguazu, a town on the border of Argentina and Brazil. We´ve heard amazing stories about the Iguazu falls, we felt excited about crossing this world heritage site off of our list of things to see. There is a national park on each side of the border. On the first day we saw the Brazillian side.

The Brazillian side

On the second day we saw the Argentinian side, which is better, so we were glad we saw it second. We were really lucky that we got clear and sunny weather on both days. Without this, it´s hard to see any butterflies or rainbows, and takes away half of the view.The site was filled with wildlife from turtles and fish to birds and butterflies. we were a bit alarmed to see possible rabid coatis running about everywhere trying to get people´s food. Thank goodness we´ve had our shots.

¨The Devil´s Throat¨


A cluster of butterflies

After Iguazu, our next destination was Florionopolis. We LOVED this place. We stayed in an amazing hostel on Barra Da Lagoa, which is on a perfect part of the coast. The area is filled with colourful bungalows, surfboards, hammocks, wall paintings and dream catchers.

Our hostel gives us a free caprihanas each day and arranges day and night trips for us.

The Party Bus

Inside the party bus

As well as the main stretch of beach on Barra Da Lagoa, two minutes from our hostel is a secluded beach cove.

It probably goes without saying, but we haven´t done a hell of a lot here but relax! We have a few more days here before we head further north of the coast.