It has been an amazing few weeks in the city of London. There is no place anyone else would rather be. In the huge build-up to the frenzied Olympic fortnight, most Londoners were sceptical and negative about the effects the event would have on the city. This bad mood seemed to genuinely dissipate come the day the Torch arrived in London. I arranged my lunchbreak specifically around the Torch parade coming down my road. I felt an odd sense of pride seeing this international beacon on the street I walk down everyday!

Lakshmi Mittal on Holland Park Avenue

And if that didn’t get everyone in the mood, then Danny Boyle’s Opening Ceremony certainly did. A fabulous concoction of all things British from James Bond, to David Beckham, from Dizzee Rascal to the Queen, and let’s not forget Mr Bean’s rendition of Chariots of Fire.

On the following Sunday, I met with one of my best friends, who luckily had just returned from a five-month backpacking trip in time for the games. We met in central London where I saw all the flags for the first time.

We had a much needed catch-up over lunch in the fabulous Venetian restaurant, Polpo off of Carnaby Street.

The Australians aren’t doing as amazingly as they usually do in the Olympics, but they do a brilliant Flat White.

Flat White – Berwick Street

I have wanted to see an Olympic Banksy since the pictures got released. On Thursday, I met my friend visiting from Canada on Broadway Market, and coincidentally stumbled on this one!

My favourite Olympic images…

The Women’s marathon – photo by

Nail Art! Victoria Pendleton

More Nail Art – Laura Trott

Andy Murray

The Mobot and the Lightening Bolt

As an avid Spice Girls fan (yes I went to the reunion concert, and yes, I have tickets for the musical) I cannot wait for the closing ceremony tonight. Geri had better wear her Union Jack dress. Sad to see it all end! Well Done Team GB.